Monday, April 17, 2006

Cleveland - The Finale

As predicted, the dinner was boring. However, Yoda 2 (the Beyoncé's mother) is a fantastic cook and whipped up a delicious pork in mushroom sauce which made me ecstatic. The woman is seriously off-kilter though. First, she was trying to convince me to get American citizenship which (a) I have no inclination to do, (b) is a bit more complex than telling the US authorities that Beyoncé's mommy wants me to and (c) what would be the reason? Anyhow, shot that one down. Then she was telling me that some mystical figure gave her "secret" knowledge that the Vatican is hiding from us... She would not share this "information" with me, however, because I am not a "true believer". Umm... I think she meant that she just read The DaVinci Code, like everybody else on the continent. Despite her weirdness, she is a lovely woman.

Day 3 of the trip was almost entirely inconsequential, except that I saw an enormous beluga of a man fall - two tumbles in one weekend!

We headed home at about 4:30 and were in Toronto by 9. Not bad.

Oh, I almost forgot ... the mens of Cleveland. There were quite a few hotties. I'm not sure if it was the areas I visited, but many, many people had a very uniform preppy look that got increasingly tedious as time went on. I'm sick to death of crew-cuts, sandals, khakis and dress shirts. I suppose it is the all-American look, after all. The bartender at the hotel, however, was super-hot, but sadly, not up for it...


At 12:13 PM, Blogger PDD said...

Wow! Beyonce's mother seems like a quack. Tell her I will get an American citizenship if she finds me a job.

I am sorry you couldn't nail the bartender.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger JR said...

Did you tell the bartender that you had mad skillz?


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