Monday, December 05, 2005

I somewhat agree

Ah, gentrification, you scary thing, you... What I always loved about the ever shifting fringes of Queen West was its grit and randomness. The ubiquitous symbol of mallification in the guise of "sophistilatté© lifestyle facilitator" - Starfucks- has arrived and whatever could that mean? The truth is, if it bothers the 'hood enough, they could always go to one of the many independent coffee purveyors around. However, it still is a depressing sight to behold. Seattle, you gave us grunge, Bill Gates and Starbucks. Grunge had one or two worthy moments, but really, Billy and the Bucks can fall into the Pacific now.

Blaming the Drake, though? That's a tough call... I don't think the owners intended it to be an obnoxious meat-market filled with suburbanites living out their "New York" fantasy on the weekends. Then again, the Drake does veer a bit too close to the lifestyle concept that so annoys the fuck out of me. Come here and presto, you are interesting, urban and suddenly cultured! Can't deny it's a beautiful space, though, and it does serve a unique purpose.

For the most part, I'll stick to the Gladstone. But the graffititi above is pretty funny.


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Too many suburban twerps try to live out there New York dream. Look what happened to Rosie O'donnell - she resorted to a talk show.

(I love Rosie, by the way. I have to go to work and I have no time, so it was the only thing I could come up with in seconds)


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