Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm the nouveau Mr. Rogers... who knew?

The Boyf is already displaying jealousy at Juk's (friend from Japan) visit and he doesn't even land for 3 hours. I can't handle childishness of that sort. If he feels awkward, we can discuss it and I'm sure his feelings would defuse once he meets Juk. Having tantrums and seriously sprouting phrases like "So I guess I'm never going to see you while your boyfriend is here" is not going to win him many points. Perhaps he should at some level consider being happy that I'm happy to see a friend I haven't in ages instead of trying desperately to fit into a pair of Pampers.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger PDD said...

I love, love, desperately trying to fit into a pair of pampers too much. lol.

I agree, after all, you are a martyr, and should enjoy any hapiness that comes your way. Boyf's jealousy should not seep into selfishness.

Love you lots and can't wait to meet Kyoto.



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