Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lucky you

There will be no tidbits of information or entries about artists that intrigue me today. Today is all about my daily life and may consequentially be dull. I don't care.

I have unhealthily come to see myself as something of a martyr. Perhaps not Biblically, but at least Shakespearian. After my father's death (which was totally out of left-field), my life obviously changed drastically. I can deal with that. What has evolved since, however, is absurd and baffling. Despite the fact that I'm of Greek heritage and we did invent theatre, I don't think that means I have to live it daily. My sister has totally dropped out of the picture leaving me to care for my mother who is a handful in herself- always was, but now she's worthy of Broadway. The sister (let's call her... Tenis) has recently gotten engaged which is amazing for her and makes me happy. The fiancé (aka Beyoncé) is nice, whatever... wouldn't fuck him, but don't have to. He lives in the States, so Tenis has spent every weekend there since my father's death, with few exceptions. The Boyf, therefore, stays with me and mom (Yoda) = FUN! I am 28 and live at home. Deal- the food is awesome. Much like a bad episode of The Love Boat, my sister will make guest appearances at the house. Yes, she may live here, but it's hard to tell. Oh, and she's my boss. And she is so Type-A that I swear she shits according to her DayRunner™.

Anyhow... I have been left to look after an unstable 60-something totally dependant widow and a house on my own. Tenis will be here from time to time (ie: today) but she will not attempt to relieve me at all. Instead, she goes absolutely haywire because her "Everyday Cooking magazines are in the wrong order" and demands to know who could have committed such a heinous act. This causes Yoda to lose it. Then they both yelp for me like wounded banshees in the hope that I will solve the bizarre conflict. What? I know. This is followed by a sermon courtesy of Tenis about wedding invitations and their infinite complexities... you would think she was talking about decoding the genome (I know, she's excited, great... I just want to have silence for a moment). This bullshit sequence of events happens regularly and doesn't even skim the air above the surface. Peeps, I'm fucking tired. If karma is for real, I'm going to be living in the Taj Mahal surrounded by 1,000 up-for-it roughneck faggots, eating pork in mustard sauce, drinking mimosas and listening to Stereolab for eternity.

Martyrdom may have its advantages after all...


At 9:47 AM, Blogger PDD said...

All I have to say is that I love you soo much and your Martyrdom makes me piss with laughter.

I noticed you called yesterday around 9ish. I'm sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower. I was going to call you sooner than I thought, but got caught up cleaning etc. You know how it is, I'm a suburban housewife now, and all the sex in the world couldn't help my agoraphobia.

I'll call you later on today/tonight.

Love you lots



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