Monday, November 21, 2005

Simple pleasures...

Last night, I unexpectedly went out with the Boyf. I thought it may be a bad idea, but I was wrong. We had three of the best hours we've had in a very long time.

For whatever reason, he was very lovey all day... which was great, because I was getting no love in this hell-house. I picked him up in a cab to head downtown. Initially, he wanted to go to Church Street so that we could make out in peace, but I would have none of that and decided to go to Ciao Edie and pretend we were lesbians. The Boyf is not the most affectionate person in the world, but last night, he was practically dry-humping me in the cab. It was such a nice change to go from hysteria and loneliness (boo hoo, Genet) to sitting in a cab, holding hands with someone I love and kissing incessantly. The entire night was actually quite affectionate which was exactly what I needed. The Boyf is often uncomfortable displaying man-love in public, but this was not a problem tonight at all... in fact, I had to tone him down, especially when he was (convincingly) simulating a blow in the cab... the driver looked uncomfortable yet intrigued, but I had no patience to deal with his curiosity and/or disgust, so that was that.

We hung out at Ciao's for a while... I reminisced
with the bartender about a now-defunct dyke bar called Shag that I loved and had a couple of martinis. My favourite part of the night though was when the Boyf and I were sitting on the steps of the Latvian/Lithuanian/Baltic/Whatever Centre, cuddling and asking passers-by which 'Facts of Life' character we most resemble (I think the Boyf is a perfect stand-in for Mrs. Garrett)... I then bought him a glow wand thing which he used to chase people with like a gay wizard. I felt like a teenage bimbo and I loved it. The martinis then hit the Boyf very hard. When we got to his place, he fell down the stairs and then, mysteriously, fell up the stairs as well...? I put him to bed, vaguely admired his flaccid penis, fed the dog and hopped into a cab.

Can every night be like this? I don't ask for much, peeps.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger PDD said...

I love then mysteriously fell up the stairs.

Yes, but I know what you mean regarding nights out like that. Those are the best, because they are never planed and they just... are...

simplicity, along with trying to figure out which character you most resemble from The Facts Of Life' is the best life has to offer.

At 2:02 AM, Blogger JR said...

You're in my fucking neighbourhood and you don't call me?

Ok, I love you and the boyf, I'm not hurt :)



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