Thursday, January 12, 2006


This makes me want to go back to Spain.

I am reminded of a tranny I befriended in Barcelona. She lived in a flat across the street from my hotel and we would have a daily chat from each other's windows. At the time, she had a particular hate-on for Australians, so we would ask people passing on the street if they had fucked an Australian... if the response was yes, we would scream "ew! you fucked a kangaroo!". Very strange. She was lovely though.

My next-door neighbour at the hotel I was staying at was another fave. Bear in mind, this hotel was totally dodgy and random transients lived there. Anyhow, I came back to the room at 5am and was greeted by the strains of an oboe being played by my neighbour. I banged on the wall for him to stop, which he did. Then, an oboe appeared outside my window. The neighbour passed it to me and insisted that I play. I did, and when finished I passed it back to him and went to bed.


At 4:01 PM, Blogger PDD said...

OMG! I am laughing... hysterically!!!

Obviously, I couldn't watch the clip w/ audio at work. As I watched it in mute, I began to shake silently (do you know how hard this is to do?). Then tears came rolling down my face, and I began to vibrate vigorously. More tears, more vibration, and my boss strolls in.

I had to pretend that I was laughing at an email from production, requesting a client of mine to go on a party bus to Windsor as a Bud girl to promote Budweiser, all for $20/hr. (This is all true. They had called me along with an email yesterday, we played phone tag the latter part of the day yesterday, and this morning. We finally spoke over the phone, to which I declined the offer on my clients behalf. But I wrapped this up before watching this clip.)

And now I have abdominal pain. The oboe was the topper.


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