Sunday, January 08, 2006

Genet starts a fight

Went over to the Unsure-About-Our-Status-Ex(?) Boyf's place last night and had a typically boring/comfortable evening. After having been asleep for a week, I could have used some excitement, but at the same time, I couldn't really be bothered. So I killed him... with my eyes.

In an attempt to rouse some controversy, I started a random argument that went like this:

Genet: What did you tell people when we sort of broke up?
ExBoyf: I have no friends.

OK, I made that up... here's the reality:

ExBoyf: That we were working things out. You?
G: Pretty much the same, I guess... It's funny though...
ExB: What?
G: Just that I was told that you said to Tammi that you were going to throw me into the dryer until I shrunk and morphed into a "cock-sock".
ExB: What?
G: Forget it.
ExB: Who's Tammi?
G: I don't need this right now.
ExB: ... What are you talking about?
G: Just forget it. I know it was a strange time for both of us, so I forgive you. Let it go.
ExB: But that never happened...
G: Are you going to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Turin Olympics with me?
ExB: What? Fine. Yeah. Sure.
G: They're on CBC.
ExB: So what?
G: You're attitude fucking sucks. Gimme a kiss!

He was completely baffled... and I was pleased.


At 5:26 PM, Blogger zamboola said...

LOL I love that kind of forced drama!!!!!!!!

At 6:29 PM, Blogger JR said...

you have....

I mean. You HAVE TO post about the translation matrix.

Love you and pick up your fucking phone once and a while. I know you keep it next to you at all times so stop screening me you self-important moron.

Love you.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger PDD said...

Are you getting tips from Dr. Phil? I knew it!


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