Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ohhh... now I'm riled up

I'm trying to get into holiday mode - as I keep reminding y'all - but seriously, this Israeli v. Hezbollah thing is ruining it for me. ENOUGH. I'm sorry if this offends pro-Israelis and I was sympathetic to the impetus for current actions, but this has gone way, way too far. In my view of justice and reality, the force unleashed upon Lebanon has far outweighed any original rationale and is now in the territory of "absolutely revolting". What will it take for this to stop? I'm afraid that it has gone beyond that point and that is depressing and dumb.

Oh. And to the fucking nipple-dick that e-mailed me and accused me of being anti-Semitic (in reference to this post)... shut your mouth. The Israeli government is not a race or ethnic group and like anything else, is open to criticism- especially when killing people is involved. I have never referred to the Israeli government or military as "the Jews". In my initial post (which offended you somehow leading me to believe that you are somehow slow, like Rain Man) I stated that I was sympathetic to the initial reasoning for an attack against Hezbollah. But Hezbollah is not a country or city or village. Yes, that makes it more difficult an enemy, but as a legitimate government, this should not mean wholesale devastation on the Israeli's part... the ends do not justify the means here. And if they did, where do "the means" end? And why does any military force have the authority to determine that limit at the expense of non-combatants? Right now, what is the difference between the Israeli army killing 34 kids in a random Lebanese village and Hezbollah killing random people in Haifa? Radicalism on any side sickens me and I can't find it within my beautiful self to get so worked up about anything that I'd want to kill it.

Anyhoo... my non-anti-Semitic brain tells me that what Israel is currently doing is not in accordance with my principles, ethics or anything that I find acceptable. Disagree with me as much as you wish. Your argument is becoming less sustainable, but be a stubborn baby. Just don't tell me who I am or what I think. Or else I'll get the Israeli army after you...
Stop crying. It was a joke at your expense. Get a brain, backbone and perm and go away. Holy shit, you really annoyed me, eh? And yes, I am aware that I am a faggot. Have been for a long time. I fall in love with men. I like to kiss them and I also like to put things up my ass. Except stupid things, like you. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. And if you contact me again, do it through the comments on the blog... I'm not going to get carpal tunnel clicking on my Inbox because of you.

I'm tearing it up, peeps... In a bad mood and this fuckwad is in the line of fire. Sorry for the diatribe.


At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nipple Dick would rather rant in private because deep down he knows that what you're saying is true. At first, I was sympathetic with Israel, but it seems that their government is no different than the "terrorists" they've been trying to dismantle for years. This war is a joke!

Kaseri xo

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Lone Primate said...

My sympathy for Israel, vis a vis its policy for the neighbours, ran out some years ago. Many years ago I was very much a supporter. But once the images of the intifada got out, and Palestinians became real, angry people throwing rocks instead of just cardboard phantoms in ski masks blowing up jet planes, I had to finally ask the tough questions. Why are these people so angry? Wouldn't I be in their circumstances?

Israel deals with the Palestinians (and most of its neighbours) from a position of unassailable superiority. It may be harassed, but never overrun or even seriously compromised. Therefore, if they want peace, it must be for Israel to make the bold moves, to stick out a very strong chin and risk taking slaps -- which I feel will diminish with time, but probably not disappear altogether for generations. But increasingly, I don't believe that what the Israeli state -- at least those who control it now, and in the past -- want. They really want it all. All the land, the water resources, always finding an excuse to roll the border back a little further, put a few more families on the ground, erase a little more history, a way to provoke people like Hamas and Hezbollah so they can turn around and say "You see? These people don't want peace; they're unreasonable; we cannot -- we will not -- negotiate with them. Bulldozers, start your engines!"

The rest of us in the West have to send the signal this is no longer acceptable, if it ever was. Israel is secure, but will it continue to be if never allows room for the others? Supporters of Israel have always said that the aim of the Arabs is to push Israel into the sea... but it looks to me as though that's exactly what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, bit by bit. Why would we oppose the one, but turn a blind eye to the other? We mustn't.


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