Friday, February 03, 2006

Would you like fries and revenge with that?

PDD's post about resum├ęs the other day reminded me of a game I played once.

If there is someone in your life (especially workplace) that evolves into your nemesis, you can take revenge in the following way. Now, this game assumes that your nemesis has a successful career and is enjoying their work, or is generally happy in their life.

  1. Go to a fast-food restaurant or teeny-bopper clothing store.
  2. Ask for a job application.
  3. Fill in the application with your nemesis' details (give their cell phone #).
  4. A few days later, ask the nemesis to join you for lunch at the restaurant or look for a gift for your cousin at the store.
  5. Repeat application process at several fast-food outlets and/or retail stores.
  6. Watch for encroaching signs of frustration, confusion and self-doubt.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger PDD said...

You should patent this and send it to Mattel. And if I'm not mistaken, they distribute the Ouija Board.


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