Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush's brain is made of baba ganoush

OK. According to Georgie Wargie Bush, 50 - 60 Iraqis dying a day in sectarian violence does not yet constitute a civil war. What is it then...? Just a really intense and long argument? And regardless, is this situation somehow acceptable? 3 years in and the place is a total disaster. Who, at this point, even remembers the elusive WMDs?

Hopefully, this experience will teach future US administrations that unilateralism and the pre-emtive neo-con doctrine are not very wise policies.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger PDD said...

The problem with Georgie Wargie Bush not understanding that this has evolved into a civil war is mainly due to the fact that he thinks a civil war means not to piss and spit on the opponent once they are shot/bombmed dead. In a civil war one must be civil; one must spit in ones hand then shake the opponents hand and say, "Good game. Nice try". He doesn't want to seem like a push over, and I think this insecurity of his stems from his failed businesses.

He wants to spread democracy yet he doesn't want to be civil.


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