Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friday night à la Genet

This morning I woke up hungover and horny. I was alone at the office last night and eyeing some bottles of champagne we have lying around, I decided it would be fantastic if I shared a bottle of bubbly with myself. I then went to the Boyf's place in a tipsy state and within 20 minutes, his sobriety began irritating me. In a display of complete maturity I called him a "boring fillet of serioso in a light sadness cream sauce". I'll redeem myself when I see him tonight.

Anyhow, the Boyf wasn't doing it for me and I decided that I just wanted to come home and listen to music. This activity was briefly interrupted by PDD who was on her webcam and hammered. I went to her site and despite the fact that she had absolutely no audience, I found her mid-dance and flashing her tits. Again, there was no audience. I love PDD tremendously.

After chatting with Whipslyme (aka Juk)- which is always a pleasure - I settled in for one of my infamous solo-parties. I busted out the ouzo and hooked up the iPod... I played one album the whole night-
Madvillainy by Madvillain. It's astoundingly good and I listened to it over and over. It makes me happy, aroused and it is occasionally hilarious. The horniness led to much internet porn analysis. I opened an account at some porn site with my mother's credit card which seemed infinitely hysterical... but my infallible decency ensured that it was a cheap 3 day trial membership. By 6am, I was worn out and fell asleep.

Sometimes, solitude is incredibly gratifying.
Today, I feel like shit. However, I did promise the Boyf a date, so I have to get it together.


At 3:04 PM, Blogger PDD said...

OMG!! I love what you called the boyf lol and I love that you opened a porn account with your mothers credit card!

I was soooooooooooooo drunk friday, I don't even remember what I did, which you have confirmed, not a big deal - thank god!

Mr. T is seriously not talking to me as you already know. He's mad because he saw me, but really it wasn't a big deal.

I am so hungover still and it's 3:00pm. I haven't eaten and I got to go take a shower.

I love you.


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