Friday, June 09, 2006

La la la

I'm back...

Much has happened, but it essentially comprises useless details. Nothing of note has transpired. I've been back at work since Monday, albeit in a strange mental state... I've hung out with the Boyf who is tremendously beautiful, JR came back from Vancouver with much the same thoughts of the place that I had when I visited in 2000.

Mostly, I've been feeling very tired, which must be related to my feelings of blah. I think I'm in serious need of a break in routine. Now.

Ummm... about that terrorist plot... ? Nothing could ever make me that angry. People need to calm down.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Kendall said...

and who can blame them for wanting our Prime Minister offed. I mean decapitation is a bit extreme especially for one as unworthy as our Prime Minister. I mean why give him the ego boost....he would be much prettier to look at sans head though..something to out our ciggarettes in.


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