Sunday, March 11, 2007

Genet finally does something he has wanted to do for eons... even pre-dating Stonehenge... and in his excitement, cannot shut up. Indulge him

Yes. Watershed moment in my life. I bought a loft in Leslieville (Queen + Carlaw, to be exact). Construction has yet to begin which will allow me introduce the idea to Yoda (my mother), sell our current home and find her a cozy condo while I comfortably create my soon-to-be space. Part of me feels like the stereotypical gentrifying guppie, but that concept nauseates me. Instead, I'd like to think that I have decided on a neigbourhood that is multi-faceted, evolving, generally left-leaning and which combines the vitality of downtown while avoiding (a) the neuroses that the S&M (Scarborough and Mississauga) crowd transform parts of the west-end into a hetero-testosterone fuelled obnoxious disaster and (b) dilutes the pretentious posturing of Queen W über-hipsters. Mind you, I love the west-end, but I really am too lazy to contemplate my entire identity in order to buy a pint of milk.

Leslieville seems to be on the cusp of ge
ntrification and is going its own way with that, maintaining a boho air and a definite gay-positive vibe (they even had their own Gay Pride fest last year) within a primarily gritty working-class 'hood. The Beach is nearby, they are building parks all around, I can walk to work and it has a great dynamic quality while managing to maintain a certain laid-backness. Plus there are some great shops, restaurants and bars popping up all over. So, for me it fit perfectly.

The main building itself (
The Printing Factory) dates from 1913 and will be restored. My loft is in the new tower being built in the courtyard of the old factory. My suite will be on the 5th floor, facing south. I absolutely loved the layout of the model suite and it suited my needs perfectly. Furthermore, it was incredibly well designed in order to give prospective buyers an idea of how to maximize the use of the space. So, the floorplan that I went with is exactly that of the model suite.

Obviously, I am too unique an individual to imitate the model outright, but it has definitely given me some great ideas to build on, like the indented built-in dinning room- elegant, simple, practical, cozy and a clever use of space. Note the polished concrete floors and sliding doors instead of walls... Love that! I'm a homo-owner! That concept would have seemed daunting two weeks ago, but I bit the bullet and did it. I'm so excited it's ridiculous... You're all invited to the house warning, I don't care who you are. But please, have some sense of propriety and bring a housewarming gift... which I will have to somehow approve beforehand (ie: registry). Otherwise, bring your well wishes. But wishes are so abstract and easily faked. Bring wine instead. Or a night of sex for the guys out there.

I know that people do this every day and it is not earth-shattering. But given my current situation, my tendency to live exclusively in the present, my fear of acting selfishly and a tempered fear of change, this move is perhaps more personally resonant for me,

Mostly this is all very thrilling and novel, so indulge me if you could. I've (primarily happily) lived with my family for 95% of my life and since Dad's death, I've been looking after a pretty big suburban home with a yard and pool that I have little desire for as well as caring for my mom- not things I expected to be doing at this point when I imagined I would be genuinely establishing my own path... cannot do forever unless I essentially cede my life and end up as a 55 year old nellie queen, knitting beside my mother in a sub-standard rocking chair. I NEED this change on a myriad of levels. So, in my typically Greek dramatic way, this move is profoundly important to almost every aspect of my life.

More frivolously the space has to look great or I will be suicidal. I'm totally open to input about the loft from anyone... Below are pictures of the unit I have bought and one possible incarnation of it. I know it's not much to go on, but let me know what y'all think! And thanks for enduring another unnecessarily long post... I'm just a bit manic at the 'mo.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What does this say about me?

Got this little gem from both Niko and MattinTo. Me likes in theory, but might not in practise. Here goes:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool

Opening Credits: "Friend of Time" - Brightblack Morning Light
First Day At School: "Will He Be Waiting for Me" - Sarah Harmer
Falling In Love: "Want to Know You" - The Memory Band
Fight Song: "Cheap Like Sebastian" - Apostle of Hustle
Prom: "Dum-Dum" - The Vaselines
Life's OK: "Drumheller" - Caribou
Mental Breakdown: "I'm Going Out of My Way" - Stereolab
Driving: "Lick A Battery" - Add N to X
Flashback: "Surfing on a Rocket" - Air
Getting Back Together: "Ease Your Feet in the Sea" - Belle and Sebastian
Wedding: "The Only Way" - Jim Noir
Birth of Child: "Pilot" - The Notwist
Final Battle: "Tears Coming Home" - Sebastien Schuller
Death Scene: "Sleeping In" - The Postal Service
Funeral Song: "Energy is Beautiful" - Imitation Electric Piano
End Credits: "Postlude" - The Cinematic Orchestra

I made none of this up. Some seem creepily apt, others I don't recognize. Three occurrences of the name Sebastian in its various forms... Strange, non?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It would be funny if I were awake

Went to a work related "workshop" today. I had hoped that it would be informative or interesting or thought-provoking in some way and it was. For half an hour. The first speaker was impressive and engaging, which set a promising tone for the event. At the Q&A after, my co-worker Kaseri was tempted to ask "Boxers or Briefs?" which would have been ace.

The next 4 hours were so boring, uninteresting and useless that it seemed almost surreal, as though I fell through a portal into an alternate universe where saying nothing in the most annoying way is a sign of genius. At points, I would drift in and out of a light sleep and then awake to a pretentious twit stating something so basic and obvious in a guru-like tone that I thought I had gone back in time to an era when his insights were relevant. Circa 1956.

Other times, I would tune back in to witness a far too eager and career-defined personification of boredom fail at his cheesy attempts at humour, all the while thinking that he was a total superstar... even though nobody even smiled or looked at him. His "wacky" gesticulations and interaction with the audience made him seem ridiculous and made me dizzy.

There was at least one other entertaining presentation, albeit it had little content but lent some partially unintended humour. Two guys made a presentation on a vaguely intriguing project they had worked on, but they seemed like total stoners and their quasi-Valley Girl phrasing and compulsive use of "like, you know" and random giggles was totally diverting in a good way.

Also, the organizers fed us crap snacks. After this little gem of a workshop, we had to face the blizzard raging outside and a two hour commute home (thanks for the lift, Kaseri and Yiaourti!). Even as I write this, my brain is filing a huge majority of today's memories in a dusty drawer labelled: Of no foreseeable use, recall only when unable to sleep or during bouts of self-doubt. Thankfully, this drawer is rarely used.

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