Friday, November 11, 2005

Birthdays are for 5 year olds

It's the Boyf's birthday on Sunday. It's my mother's birthday on Monday. Monday would have also been my parent's wedding anniversary. Monday will therefore be an emotional disaster. I haven't planned anything at all for the Boyf's birthday as it snuck up on me and I'm sure he's expecting some sort of extravaganza. Or a surprise, like a trip to Barcelona... SURPRISE... HERE'S A ONE-WAY BUS TICKET TO SARNIA AND A BOX OF KLEENEX! Can someone come to my office and punch me into a 4-day coma? Please?


At 1:42 PM, Blogger PDD said...

Ironic that your title is 'Birthday's are for 5 year olds'. I was just saying the same thing earlier this week, when, "Martha Stuart Stand-In" co-worker had mentioned that he went to Montreal over the weekend for his 33rd birthday. Aside from a few celebrated birthdays, courtesy of Genet, I've stopped the whole give me a hat and balloon exravaganza when I was 19 years of age.

Also, to paint another stroke of disgusting colour to this godforsaken picture, Co-worker took girlfriend out in a limo all the way to CASINO NIAGRA! What a bunch of infantile bozos!


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