Monday, November 07, 2005

Cristina is My 80s Idol

Cristina Monet is an almost too cool individual. I learned about her earlier this year and I am envious of her and totally intrigued.

A little bit about this alternate-universe superstar:

  • disco/mutant-disco/disco-punk/New Wave singer who referred to her work as 'Brechtian pastiche'
  • was theatre critic for the Village Voice
  • won the history and literature prizes in her sophomore year at Harvard
  • writes for the London Times Literary Supplement
  • she was a model and theatre actress
  • described her music as "mostly New Wave working class. Otherwise it would be camp affluence nostalgic--Thirties film scores--undercut by ironic dissonance."
  • came from wealth (the early 80s get Cristina as a wealthy scenester and we have Paris Hilton... What happened?)
  • her likes include: reading, pear-shaped diamonds, MDA, valium, Balzac and 'I Love Lucy'
  • sang like a jaded Euro-bimbo on one song and then like Marilyn Monroe on the next
  • she does a great latin-disco cover of 'La PoupĂ©e Qui Fait Non'
  • does a rendition of "Ballad of Immoral Earnings" from Threepenny Opera
  • on motherhood, married life and a move to Texas(!): "I felt like Madame Bovary of the Freeway."

Here's a sampling of her lyrics (more can be found here):

What's a Girl To Do?

My life is in a turmoil
My thighs are black and blue
My sheets are stained, so is my brain
What's a girl to do?
What's a girl to do?

I've passed out with a novel
Or a needle in my hand
I've passed out with a ragdoll
And I've passed out with a man...

I say my three Hail Marys
I daily paint my face
My friends decay around me
And I view them with distaste...

My life is in a turmoil
My thighs are black and blue
My sheets are stained, so is my brain
What's a girl to do?
What's a girl to do?

Well some girls have a mission
And some girls have their work
Some marry with precision
And some just dish the dirt...

And once I had a lover
And I once had a profession
And once I laughed at nothing
And they called it a depression...

I've tried dancing up and down
The wrong side of the track
And I've walked on the right side
Or just lain here on my back...

So I think I'll quit while I'm behind
Now that I'm twenty-two
My sheets are stained, so is my brain
What's a girl to do?


At 4:19 PM, Blogger PDD said...

I haven't read your blog yet. I have no time right now. But I just wanted to tell you the comment I left for Flamminco1 who is just really hilarious. He's good and you have to keep checking his blogs. Anyway, part of his most recent blog was about Religion and Politics. I think you will appreciate the comment I left:

Since Canadian's know more about American politics than Canadian politics, and Americans seem to not know anything about Canadian politics, I will leave you with this:

The PC'S - Progressive Conservative's are too right winged and scary and ugly.

The Liberals occasionally have silly idea's and tend to embarrass anyone who leans to the left. If you look close enough, you'll notice Paul Martin randomly transforms into the leaning tower of pissa, tilting into a danger zone everytime he opens his foul scented mouth. His transformations are not random however, this act comes with an agenda. Yes, he does this to win the immigrant vote.

And the NDP - New Democratic Party, are just a stone throw away from communism.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger PDD said...

I literaly laughed out loud.

How much do I love her too??

Too much, too much, I've now turned all blue.

She is the most amazing and inspiring woman I have ever read about. Thank you.


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