Friday, November 11, 2005

If everything is in my genes, mine better be a nice pair of Diesel's with a bit of a flare

I've already gone on a small tirade about scientific studies, so I'll keep this one short. In essence, I am incredibly tired of these studies coming out proclaiming that every aspect of our existence is determined by our genes. (I think JR may have touched upon this in one of his posts). Take this one, for example (and note the caveman photo... classic). If I am not an active agent in my own life, then shoot me now. While I'm not sure what "causes" homosexuality (what an obnoxious way to pose the question... "cause"... like what "causes" cancer... ew), I would be just as comfortable if for some people it was a choice rather than a biological determination. Telling me that every aspect of my personality is related to a hunter-gatherer 20,000 years ago but my personal history only has a moderate effect makes me want to disprove Darwin. I think the genetics thing has been taken a bit too far... Plus, shouldn't they be researching cures to disease rather than studying if Peggy Sue is lonely or not? Peggy Sue, get a backbone or shut up.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger PDD said...

That picture of "Cavemen, like Stig of the Dump, often wanted to be alone" is just purely hysterical.

I agree, I think scientists are becoming a little too nerdy in this nerdy mcnerd nerd world. I have a question for these dweeby scientists: Are monks too lonely?


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